Take Control of Your Media Decisioning

Finding your target audiences and potential customers cost-efficiently and at scale becomes increasingly difficult as media volumes continue to grow and fragment across devices. Fraud, viewability, attribution, and data concerns only add complexity and confusion to the media buying process.

IPONWEB partners closely with innovative marketers, agencies, and demand platforms to engineer powerful, purpose-built tools that overcome these challenges and deliver real business results.

Our solutions empower media buyers to deploy their own unique data assets inside customised machine learning applications and 1st-party trading systems – achieving unparalleled performance in programmatic channels and creating sustainable competitive advantage.

IPONWEB has unmatched experience delivering powerful demand solutions, including:

  • Custom DSPs systems for more than 80 ad-tech, agency, and advertiser clients
  • Channel specific or multi-channel buying platforms across display, in-app, video, OTT, TV, and DOOH
  • Integrated data management and audience extension platforms
  • Customised machine learning applications
  • Supply path optimisation strategies to reduce hardware and media costs
  • Campaign management and workflow tools
  • 3rd party ad-servers and pixel servers

Our Solutions for Advertisers, Agencies & Demand Partners

1st-Party Demand-Side Platform (DSP)

On a shared platform DSP, buyers are limited in their ability to customise decisioning logic and leverage their own unique data to achieve specific business goals. IPONWEB lets you take back control of your programmatic buying with a 1st-party DSP completely customised to your unique business environment, KPIs, and data assets.

A 1st-party DSP from IPONWEB enables you to:

  • Engineer a system with features, algorithms & machine learning based exclusively on your needs & KPIs
  • Activate unique 1st-party data assets securely
  • Create real-time feedback loops across your entire data set (1st-party CRM, transaction, audience, and Bidstream data) to continually inform machine learning and bidding algorithms
  • Gain complete cost transparency through log file-level data access & technology based pricing
  • Instant access to global inventory sources via BidSwitch

Supply Path Optimisation

Today, the path from advertiser to publisher is fraught with obstacles that create added costs, increased waste, and less efficiency. Things like fraud, bid duplication, and opaque auction mechanics are all driving up both hardware and media costs to advertisers without delivering any incremental value.

IPONWEB solves this challenge for DSPs by leveraging machine learning technology that discovers the optimal path to impression opportunities and restores the balance of power between media buyers and sellers. We address the issue with a holistic approach that we call Supply Path Optimisation, which consists of the following components: Real-Time Bid Adjustment, Intelligent Traffic Routing, Data-Rich Bid Enrichment, and Impression Anomaly Detection.

Supply Path Optimisation benefits the entire digital advertising ecosystem by:

  • De-cluttering the supply path of fraudulent and irrelevant, low-value traffic
  • Minimising operating overhead and self-competition
  • Empowering more intelligent bid strategies against changing auction mechanics
  • Leveraging quality data to differentiate impression opportunities at a very granular level
  • Reducing payouts to bad actors
  • Funnelling more money to premium publishers and SSPs



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