Empowering Differentiation in Media Trading

At IPONWEB, we recognise that every company is different. That’s why we take a partnership approach to develop solutions perfectly fitted to our customers’ business goals and amplify their unique value.

Our Solutions

IPONWEB is the only company that offers complex platform customisation alongside massively scaled infrastructure, providing media traders the technological flexibility and control they require without sacrificing access to global media, data, and services.

Our solutions are highly flexible, extensible and adaptable to a client’s unique business needs, performance requirements, data assets, and goals.


A next-generation supply curation and monetization platform, built to power a new era of programmatic trading. The MediaGrid empowers all sides of the ecosystem with monetization and curation tools to deliver more control, efficiency, and transparency.


BidSwitch represents neutral middleware that allows connected programmatic technology partners to seamlessly access new platforms and services; optimize bidstream performance and generate technical costs efficiencies.


Our Programmatic Native Performance Platform applies advanced machine learning to evaluate supply and demand in real-time, optimizing your buying strategies to drive the campaign outcomes you want at massive scale.




IPONWEB deploy unique buying and media trading bid strategies for every client; we create sophisticated offerings that build your competitive advantage.

Data Intelligence

We help to create value from data and intelligence in programmatic media trading and enable our clients to differentiate themselves via their data intelligence on top of an open infrastructure.


De-clutter the supply path to reduce unnecessary fees and restore proximity to supply; gain full visibility into buying activity, and extend that intelligence to clients. We provide log-file level visibility into all trading activity, platform fees, and development costs.


Enable buying strategies tied to client-specific business outcomes as well as measure and prove the incremental impact of all buying activities.


IPONWEB is a tech company, not a media company. We take no stake in media; every solution engineered to drive to client’s best outcomes.


Unmatched expertise applying ML to programmatic buying with a track record of success delivering against complex business goals and outcomes.