Smart Infrastructure for the Global Programmatic Ecosystem

Established in 2013, BidSwitch operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of IPONWEB. IPONWEB has a vision for the programmatic and media trading ecosystem that is open, transparent and easy to access – enabling many different kinds of businesses to buy or sell media in real-time, all in their own unique way. BidSwitch was created to help solve many of the underlying technical challenges and inefficiencies that hamper platform interconnectivity and trading at the infrastructure level.

Today, BidSwitch connects over 400 of the ad tech industry’s premier supply and demand technology platforms across the globe. BidSwitch provides immediate and seamless access to RTB-enabled Supply and Demand Partners across all media types – display, mobile, in-App, video, native, TV, DOOH, Audio and VR. Like a network “Switch”, BidSwitch allows partners to quickly enable new buyers/sellers, enter new geographical regions, and turn on new media types — all through a single technical integration & commercial agreement.

Enabling access is just the tip of the iceberg. BidSwitch value-adds with a range of unique services designed to make the ecosystem more efficient for all. Our fraud detection is deployed for free across the entire bid-ecosystem; we provide tools to help optimise the bidstream to make buying more economically efficient and to facilitate the distribution of valuable data and services.


Technology partner connection & marketplace

Dashboards, reporting and marketplace tools and workflows

Billing reconciliation, financing & processing

Media processing, billing and reconciliation services including financing

Built-in fraud, invalid traffic and malware detection

In-house fraud detection for display and in-app; along with ads.txt filtering

Single point of integration & protocol interoperability

Seamless, efficient access and programmatic trading across the global ecosystem

Bid optimization & management tools

Tools to set-up, filter and manage connections and bidstream

Deal management & troubleshooting tools

Deal reporting and insights tools for deal support and troubleshooting