Although there is a movement towards cross-platform media buying and automation, TV buying skills are becoming more relevant even if TV buyers are a dying breed, particularly for delivering “brand-like ad experiences”.

Brian Golbere, the general manager of programmatic and ad tech company Iponweb, believes TV media buyers have an important role to play even though more TV is increasingly transacted through automated means, such programmatic trading desks, and part of an omnichannel approach to media.

“Digital is particularly good at that last mile, the last set of impressions and the bottom of the funnel,” Golbere tells MCN. “But I think TV is getting a resurgence in terms of how it has a long-term impact on awareness, building a brand and maintaining a brand, not just driving performance.”

Golbere says there is a trend in the US and Europe towards cross-channel planning and buying, particularly between live TV and digital platforms. For example, combining TV content such as a reality TV show with digital channels and executions around that content.

These co-ordinated efforts, he adds, are able to deliver a much greater lift in performance.

There will always be a tension between the broad reach of TV and targeting, which is increasingly favoured by marketers, but there is always one aspect that tends to get left out of the conversation – good creative.

“There is no point in spending all of this money targeting down to some super niche, well-defined audience and showing them the same copy you showed somebody else,” Golbere says.

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