IPONWEB is excited to contribute to The European Connected TV Initiative, focused on exploring the advertising opportunities deriving from the growth of CTV in Europe.

Working and collaborating with major trade bodies, including egta and the IAB Europe, the new connected TV (“CTV”) initiative will facilitate a wide-ranging dialogue across the industry to explore potential opportunities, identify potential barriers, and identify practical steps that the industry could take, collaboratively and collectively, to unlock the full potential of the CTV ecosystem in Europe. This extensive programme of interactive discussion and debate will involve advertisers, agencies, broadcasters, TV platforms, technology, data, and measurement providers, working together to develop constructive proposals that can help the industry move forwards during the 2020s.

Launching in October 2020, the new Consortium will analyse the market and convene a programme of industry forums and seminars across a selection of key European markets, to review developments and explore solutions, with a final report due to be published in 2021. The programme will include a detailed analysis of the current state of the market and discussions about the key questions facing the industry, including:

  • What is the role of connected TVs in the future of the European TV industry and advertising ecosystem?
  • What factors support the growth of connected TV advertising in key European markets – and what are the main barriers, pain points and challenges holding back developments?
  • What discrete opportunities and use cases are supported by connected TVs and how attractive are they to broadcasters and advertisers?
  • What steps can and should the TV industry take, collectively, to support the growth and development of the connected TV ecosystem?

The first such event will take place on November 2nd, 2020. Senior executives of IPONWEB, Google, Roku, and Fincons Group will launch the initiative.