Our People

Boris Mouzykantskii, PhD.

Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Scientist

Dr Boris’s career has uniquely evolved to encompass success in both the worlds of academia as well as business. Holding a doctorate in Theoretical Physics from Moscow’s Landau Institute, Boris held research and lecturing positions at Cambridge University and the University of Warwick in the UK for more than 10 years. Boris’s research in the field of physics is well cited, and Boris has presented his research at many international conferences.

After being attracted to the challenges and opportunities presenting themselves in the software development space, Boris founded IPONWEB in 2001. With his unique background and perspective on computational problem solving and probability modeling, Boris has been the primary driving force behind IPONWEB’s technology, innovation and customer success. More than ten years later, he is still intimately involved in all aspects of the business from consulting and customer solution definition to his ongoing passion as chief architect of the company’s flagship probability, prediction and algorithm technologies.

Boris holds Board, Research, and Advisory roles at a number of high profile Internet companies and Universities.

Natalia Mouzykantskii

Co-founder & Commercial Director

Natalia co-founded IPONWEB with husband, Boris in late 2000 when she saw an opportunity to provide software to manage client patent portfolios in the legal profession, where she had been working as an IT manager.

From those early days Natalia managed the commercial and business needs of the company, everything from financial planning through to establishing engineering offices in Russia and Belarus, while Boris focused on software development. Today, Natalia continues to provide the company with strategic and operational governance, leading commercial and capital decision-making in her role as Commercial Director.

Prior to co-founding IPONWEB, Natalia spent 9 years as IT Manager for a large professional Patent and TM attorney in London, following an earlier career in business development for an Italian Trading company in Moscow. Natalia has a Masters in Computer Science from Moscow State University.

Scott Neville

Chief Marketing Officer | General Manager, BidSwitch

With more than 15 years experience in Digital Marketing and Strategy, Scott’s career has effectively evolved with the industry. Leading Marketing, Strategy and Business Development globally for IPONWEB, he  is responsible for shaping the future positioning, growth and development of the company.

From an early career in Dot com as an eCommerce & Interactive Marketing consultant in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong for a number of profile digital services companies, Scott found his way to Japan. As Marketing Director for ValueCommerce, the leading Affiliate and Performance Marketing network in Japan, Scott was instrumental in the  growth & expansion of the business, culminating in acquisition by Yahoo Japan and a public listing.

In 2007, Scott became COO of Sozon Inc where he transformed the business from an SEO software company to a leading SEM and Digital Marketing agency focused on the Japanese and Asian markets and transition to Outrider Japan, the digital division of GroupM. In his most recent role, Scott helped launch and establish the social media analytics company Press Army in Japan, where he also served as a Director.

With a BA Communications in Advertising / Marketing from University of Canberra, Scott has also written and taught online marketing certification at the University level.

Michael Benuhis

Chief Operating Officer

With a background that spans engineering, software development and management roles, Michael’s early career as an engineer quickly graduated to managing development for a number of technology and consulting companies. In 2006, Michael became Product & Technology Director for Amphora, a major software integrator in Russia, before leaving to become CEO at a search engine startup, Smartus.

Joining IPONWEB in 2009 as a product Manager for IPONWEB’s flagship product, u-Platform. Michael’s responsibilities have quickly expanded to incorporate broader solution delivery and all operational processes for the company.

Michael holds a Masters of Science in Physics from Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology.

Paul Siminsky

Chief Financial Officer

Paul joined the IPONWEB team in September 2010 to assist the leadership team with the transition from an innovative provider of technical solutions into a “world class” business partner for media trading clients. Paul is responsible for leading the company’s finance, legal and accounting activities, along with heading up daily commercial operations.

Over the past ten years Paul has held a variety of CXO roles where he has had the opportunity of taking technology start ups from initial seed rounds, to venture capital and successful public listing, in the process supporting the evolution of good ideas into sustainable business models. His experiences with companies such as LookSmart, the BTLookSmart joint venture and more recently Mooter Media all provide an invaluable perspective for IPONWEB, as we look to grow the business moving forward.

Prior to Paul’s move into the online media space, Paul gained his professional experience with Price Waterhouse and later a long stint with Johnson & Johnson Medical, where he eventually became a director and CFO.

Paul holds a Bachelor of Business from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Ilya Martynov

Chief Technology Officer

Ilya started his career with the Moscow startup AGAVA, which quickly grew during his time there to become a leading Russian IT company. From humble beginnings as a QA tester, Ilya fast tracked his way through the organization in parallel with the companies growth, to that of a senior Development role. Along the way gaining invaluable experience on system architecture design, project management and many of the challenges around scale and software development that plague a rapidly growing business.

In 2002 Ilya joined IPONWEB in the role of CTO. Having led most of the early projects at IPONWEB, including development of the core components of u-Platform, Ilya represents the programmatic genius behind much of IPONWEB’s technology success. As CTO, Ilya plays a dual role in both leading technology innovation for the company, as well as managing the broader engineering team, extending support to both u-Platform and our clients’ projects.

Ilya has a strong passion for the Open Source movement, and has actively contributed to many Open Source projects.