The Technology Behind the Media Trading

As the technology company behind more than 150 media trading platforms globally, IPONWEB is a world leader and pioneer in programmatic, RTB, and machine learning technologies.

Our u-Platform technology has evolved over 15 years’ of continuous R&D and represents a set of best-in-class core frameworks that are required to execute and operate a real-time, algorithmically-driven media trading system at scale.

Each u-Platform Framework represents a highly evolved, unique and sophisticated technology asset:


Reliable ad-serving at massive scale


Machine learning prediction and probability modelling


Big Data analytics, modelling and investigations


Audience collection, analysis and management


Multi-goal optimisation and strategy support


Big Data processing and transformation


Campaign management and workflow interfaces

Every client project leverages these frameworks in a different way – with each client instance configured differently with its own proprietary business logic to support unique business goals, feature-sets, data and operating environment. Importantly, by separating this logic from the underlying technology, u-Platform enables rapid agile development and fast iteration of feature-sets to suit challenging deadlines and complex product roadmaps.

The result is an entirely unique platform solution for every client that is incredibly fast to evolve and delivers the outstanding performance that only purpose-built technology can provide.

Watch an overview of our u-Platform technology

The Benefits of Building with u-Platform

Best-in-Breed Technology

The core components that make up u-Platform have been battle-tested over more than 12 years and across hundreds of business and data applications, performance requirements, clients, and regions.

Customisation & Control

Every system we build is tailored around your unique business needs, legacy systems, requirements, and data assets. You control the product roadmap, feature set, integrations, and behaviours.


With sophisticated analytics tool sets, and log file-level transparency, u-Platform empowers clients with full visibility into their trading ecosystem and activities.

Data Security

Every u-Platform system operates in your domain to keep your valuable data in-house. You define how that data is captured, scored, used, traded or even integrated with your offline assets.

Flexibility & Scale

u-Platform provides total flexibility in feature-set and has been designed with ‘whole-of-internet’ scale in mind. An IPONWEB solution is designed to grow and evolve with your business.