Cross Channel TV Marketplace

Pioneers in developing Ad Technology solutions for the video, broadcaster & Advanced TV space since 2015, IPONWEB has brought forth a new Advanced TV advertising platform, purpose-built to empower local and regional broadcasters with a white-label marketplace, tools and infrastructure required to navigate the business transition to audience based buying & selling – while maximizing the monetization of their disparate video assets.

IPONWEB has developed a sales automation marketplace that unifies different channels for audience based buying. It is an “umbrella” solution that sits on top of the systems used on the client side, adapts to the client processes rather than replacing parts of the existing flows and empowers media owners to transition into an audience based buying & selling. As a self - service marketplace, it allows media owners to monetize their inventory across channels while optimizing yield

Tailored to TV sellers and buyers needs, our marketplace solution aims to solve operational inefficiencies in media sales processes while releasing the stress of the manual work for ad sales & ad ops teams. Our marketplace can help transform your digital business with a dynamic architecture that adapts to the client and their business goals so there is not an immediate need to replace legacy systems. It helps drive ad sales revenue and increase advertiser spend by enabling 1st party audience data sets in media sales for better targeting. Moreover with a simple to use interface it aims to eliminate the intermediaries to grow direct demand relationships and attract new and first time buyers


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  • Advanced reporting & analytics
  • Campaign monitoring
  • Extended targeting capabilities
  • Ability to support multiple buying models (reach, frequency, impressions etc)
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  • Multiple inventory types supported (TV, display, video, etc)
  • Line item management
  • Creative mamagement
  • Cross channel booking & campaign management


  • Integrations with CRM systems
  • Activating programmatic via MediaGrid
  • Existing integrations with the biggest ad servers for ad delivery
  • Financial services: integrations for billing,  invoicing, credit & solvency checks
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  • Forecasting capabilities
  • Proposal export (PPTX, PDF, etc)

Case Study: IPONWEB Opens New Revenue Streams for Dish Media Sales

DISH Media Sales worked with IPONWEB to build the industry’s first addressable programmatic TV platform that exposes data-enhanced linear TV impressions to new digital buyers, all while integrating with DISH’s legacy trafficking, campaign and creative management, delivery and reporting systems to ensure workflow and regulatory compliance.

Read more about this partnership on AdExchanger and Adweek.

A 1st-Party TV SSP built by IPONWEB helped DISH:

  • Package inventory based on geography, demographics and  content preference
  • Expose inventory to digital video buyers on an impression basis at the HH level
  • Expand access to 100+ demand sources through BidSwitch
  • Create new revenue stream without hurting existing sales