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Bringing Programmatic Excellence to TV & DOOH

As media consumption continues to fragment and rich data assets become increasingly available across media channels, advertiser demand for bringing programmatic buying to other screens has risen rapidly, creating both challenges and opportunities for traditional media owners.

Programmatic TV Solutions

Much of the conversation surrounding Programmatic TV today is about trying to make TV act more like Digital. We think that’s wrong. The technical and operational intricacies surrounding the buying and selling of TV ads require purpose-built solutions that bridge the gap between digital and TV.

TV Supply-Side Platform

IPONWEB’s programmatic TV offerings empower broadcasters, cable operators, and TV infrastructure providers to look holistically across their inventory sources and data assets to create addressable, audience-based packages and monetisation strategies. Open up new revenue streams by packaging and exposing data-enriched linear, OTT and video inventory to digital and TV buyers in a programmatic setting, without cannibalising direct sales.

Every solution we build is fully tailored to your business objectives and integrates with all legacy trafficking, measurement, and operational systems to ensure workflow compliance.

With a combined 1st-party TV SSP and DSP, you can:

  • Enrich inventory with valuable audience data
  • Package video inventory across channels and devices
  • Monetise unsold inventory in a programmatic environment
  • Access digital demand sources to drive incremental revenue
  • Buy your own inventory to support managed service campaigns

Inventory Optimisation & Allocation

As viewership continues to fragment across screens, it is increasingly difficult to understand the true value of every video impression and the optimal placements to ensure delivery against advertiser buys.

IPONWEB has developed a sophisticated optimisation platform that evaluates linear, FEP, OTT, and VOD inventory in a holistic manner to determine the optimal reallocation of upfront sold inventory across channels to satisfy your unique business goals and requirements.

Our TV Schedule Optimisation platform lets TV media owners:

  • Define the true value of inventory across channels
  • Open optimised inventory to new buyers
  • Visualise the new yield curve that includes OTT, VOD, and linear
  • Optimise upfront buys across channels to maximise yield

Case Study: IPONWEB Opens New Revenue Streams for Dish Media Sales

DISH Media Sales wanted to monetise its unsold linear inventory scattered across geographic regions to drive incremental revenue without cannibalising direct sales.

IPONWEB worked with DISH to build the industry’s first addressable programmatic TV platform that exposes data-enhanced linear TV impressions to new digital buyers, all while integrating with DISH’s legacy trafficking, campaign and creative management, delivery and reporting systems to ensure workflow and regulatory compliance.

Read more about this partnership on AdExchanger and Adweek.

A 1st-Party TV SSP built by IPONWEB helped DISH:

  • Package inventory based on geography, demographics and  content preference
  • Expose inventory to digital video buyers on an impression basis at the HH level
  • Expand access to 100+ demand sources through BidSwitch
  • Create new revenue stream without hurting existing sales

DOOH Supply Platform

DOOH inventory is high-quality, fraud-free, and 100% viewable. It’s also in high demand among digital buyers. With a DOOH SSP built by IPONWEB, DOOH publishers are empowered to tap into those new ad budgets by exposing data-enriched inventory at the screen level to hundreds of digital demand sources simultaneously via Private Marketplace (PMP) deals or Open-RTB auction.

IPONWEB partners closely with DOOH media owners to understand their unique business requirements, legacy systems, partnerships, and data assets to engineer trading platforms tailor-fit to achieve their goals and objectives and evolve with their business.

Our DOOH Supply Platform empowers publishers to:

  • Monetise unsold DOOH inventory
  • Gain access to new digital budgets
  • Apply data to unlock inventory value
  • Maximise yield across screens