Deriving Unique Value from Data Assets

Processing of campaign and vendor data can be a slow and resource intensive process. Unprocessed logs are “heavy” with duplicates, anomalies, and errors and without cleaning, analysis and transformation, these data files are unactionable. Utilising best-in-class ETL data processing, IPONWEB’s programmatic analytic services clean, analyse, and transform enormous amounts of campaign and 3rd-party event logs into more actionable files, decreasing processing time and technical costs. 

Custom Programmatic Analytics reporting use cases:

Reports can be created in any format, enriched with 1st or 3rd-party data, and include custom parameters to satisfy unique reporting needs or business goals.

  • Viewability Prediction Modelling
  • Holistic ad verification
  • Holistic cross platform optimisation
  • Cross-platform publisher payouts