Take Back Control of Your Inventory

Today’s publisher is challenged on multiple fronts: falling CPMs, data leakage, ad blocking, tech taxes, and fraud Рjust to name a few. To survive, publishers must take greater control of their inventory, data assets, and technology.

Supply-Side and Publisher Solutions

IPONWEB has engineered a suite of powerful, purpose-built tools that recognise these needs and help put publishers back in control of their inventory and monetisation strategies. Our 1st-party publisher solutions are modular by design, and configurable based on your unique business needs and goals, commercial strategy, legacy systems, and workflow requirements. They also provide publishers with full bidding transparency, system controls, and data security.

Demand Management

SSP: 1st-party trading system that enables publishers to monetise display, video, and mobile inventory via open RTB or private deals.

Deals Monetisation: A deals-only SSP that connects via BidSwitch to 200+ DSPs and enables seamless deals setup and execution without the high % of media fee that most SSPs take.

Header Container: A server-to-server integration that evaluates all demand sources holistically while providing publishers with full transparency and data security.

Holistic Yield Management

Forecasting & Allocation: Powerful machine learning technology to predict audience-level inventory allocations for optimal campaign planning and price evaluation.

Network Mediation: Intelligent, predictive technology that creates dynamic waterfalls in real-time at the impression level to maximise network revenue potential.

Data Monetisation

Audience Extension: Innovative solutions for monetising your 1st-party audience data securely and at scale via programmatic pipes.


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