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Data Monetisation on Your Terms

Data is the lynchpin that ties all marketing efforts together. While data quality is top of mind for advertisers, data security is what’s keeping publishers and other data owners up at night.

IPONWEB & BidSwitch Technology

IPONWEB and BidSwitch have devised a means for solving the data issue, providing data owners a secure, reliable means to monetise their data assets, while giving advertisers access to high-quality 1st-party audience data via programmatic pipes.

Put simply, Bid Enrichers represent a new type of participant in the programmatic ecosystem that leverage the BidSwitch infrastructure to distribute valuable, proprietary audience data to connected trading partners. IPONWEB Bid Enrichment Technology is purpose-built and ensures that data monetisation success, control, transparency and security stays in the hands of the data owner.


empowering data partners

Our Bid Enrichment Engine sits between supply and demand partners on BidSwitch, empowering data partners to activate their data in real-time by identifying and matching users in the bidstream; enriching matched bid requests with valuable user data; and redistributing enhanced bid requests to the demand side via open RTB or private deals – all in a matter of milliseconds.

Bid Enrichment benefits the entire ecosystem:

  • Data owners gain real-time activation and easy ecosystem distribution for their valuable data assets in a data-secure environment
  • Data owners can open new revenue streams for monetising data with full distribution transparency, pricing control and dynamic feedback
  • Advertisers gain access to high-quality audience data at scale via their preferred buying channels in real-time
  • SSPs and publishers enjoy higher yield due to increased inventory valuation and bid density