BidCore Policies

BidCore Policies

As a BidCore customer you acknowledge and accept the BidSwitch Buy-side Policies located here which apply to your provision of Advertising to the BidCore Platform for purposes of buying Media. If you wish to trade in one or more “Sensitive Categories,” you must first opt in, as further described in the BidSwitch Buy-side policies.

If you are not currently a BidCore customer and you are interested in finding out more above our BidCore Services, please contact our BidCore Team by clicking here.

You agree to comply with BidCore’s online technical specifications relating to the use of the BidCore Platform (available at

BidCore customers that do not comply with these policies may have their access to the BidCore Platform suspended temporarily or permanently.  Any defined terms set out in your agreement with BidCore relating to your use of the BidCore Platform shall apply to these BidCore Policies.

BidCore reserves the right to amend these policies from time to time by giving notice of this to you in writing and your continued use of the BidCore Platform after such notification shall constitute your deemed acceptance.