CPAs Reduced by 36% in the Healthcare Space

Marketers in Medicare know how vital the Annual Enrollment Period is when driving campaign results – but what happens afterward?

This was the challenge faced by a performance agency with a Medicare client. They came to the IPONWEB Performance Platform team looking to mitigate the historical downward trend for medicare offer take-up in Q1.


The Solution

Using the IPONWEB Native Performance Platform, the agency leveraged our predictive models based on hand-picked SSPs. Following talks with key supply partners, our team was able to fine-tune performance to reach those customers who still qualified as Medicare leads in Q1.

The goal: buck the trend of the Q1 decline and amplify performance in a traditionally low-performing period.


The Results

From day one, the client reported “phenomenal performance” using the IPONWEB Native Performance Platform. Thanks to work done by our team, in parallel with the number-crunching and optimizations being made within our Performance Engine, the agency increased their daily budgets by a factor of 4.

With an original CPA target of $50, our platform delivered a CPA of $32 – a real-world reduction of 36% – all while keeping profitability stable at over 25%.