Affiliate Agency Doubles Conversions

Running successful direct-response campaigns is often a matter of timing. But when you’re selling a product that depends on cold weather, that goes double.

This was the challenge presented to us by an affiliate agency looking to optimize an eCommerce campaign for space heaters. They’d already seen moderate success in Search and Social channels but wanted to supercharge their results as the cold months approached.


The Solution

Working closely with the affiliate agency, the IPONWEB Native Performance Platform team decided to launch the campaign a month before the coldest month of the year. This gave our Performance Engine enough time to crunch the numbers and discover which creatives, headlines, and landing pages worked best. It also meant our team had time to negotiate crucial PMP deals with supply partners to secure placements on weather forecast websites.


The Results

Within two weeks of the campaign launch, our platform was delivering 500 conversions per day. If that weren’t enough, by the time the end of January rolled around – and the weather got chilly – performance doubled to 1000 conversions per day. The campaign was so successful that it had to be paused for a few days due to a lack of stock in the warehouse.