LONDON,  Friday, 23rd November 2018

IPONWEB, a global leader in engineering bespoke programmatic systems and solutions, working collaboratively with our clients Publicis Groupe and Automattic, is honored to receive two awards from ExchangWire’s second annual awards ceremony, The Wires, for Best New Product or Service in Programmatic.

For this category, entrants needed to show product and programmatic innovation, clear strategic vision, strong performance, and an exemplary use of technology. IPONWEB’s two winning solutions engaged and inspired the ExchangeWire judges by demonstrating positive returns for our agency and publisher partners.

The two winning submissions were:

  • A holistic ad verification solution, developed by Publicis Media Groupe and IPONWEB, that stitches together data from multiple third-party sources to create a unified view of campaign media quality, enabling remediation from publishers for inventory deemed fraudulent, non-human, brand unsafe, or non-viewable.
  • An automated content evaluation solution, developed by Automattic (WordPress) and IPONWEB, that dramatically increases the client’s ability to vet and score new articles and domains in real-time for violent, hateful, or inappropriate content, providing certainty to advertisers that their message was only appearing next to brand-safe content while also accelerating the amount of quality inventory available for monetisation.

IPONWEB is excited to continue working alongside innovative partners like Publicis Groupe and Automattic. Together, we’re engineering innovative solutions to tackle fraud, brand safety, and viewability in digital.

View the official ExchangeWire announcement here: ExchangeWire