We’re pleased to announce that IPONWEB has been recertified with TAG Platinum status by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), the world’s leading program to fight criminal activity and protect brand safety in digital advertising.

Awarded to just 15 organizations across the world, TAG Platinum is the highest level of certification offered by the Trustworthy Accountability Group and means a company has achieved all four TAG certifications across fraud, malware, brand safety and piracy.

The re-certification covers IPONWEB and all of our core businesses: BidSwitch, The MediaGrid and BidCore. The four certifications involved in this TAG Platinum certification are:

  • TAG Certified Against Fraud, which demonstrates that a company is taking effective steps to reduce fraudulent invalid traffic in the digital advertising supply chain.
  • TAG Certified Against Malware, which sets industry-leading standards to address the complex and growing issue of malvertising (i.e. digital ads that spread malware).
  • TAG Brand Safety Certified, which helps companies protect their brands from multiple threats, including the risk of being placed with inappropriate or illegal content.
  • TAG Certified Against Piracy, which helps companies avoid brand-damaging ad placement on media properties linked to pirated content and counterfeit goods.

Being awarded all four TAG seals was essential for us at IPONWEB, because our products cover the full spectrum of the programmatic advertising supply chain.

Matt Miga, VP of Commercial Operations at IPONWEB explained:  “We are one of the few companies to span the entire programmatic spectrum. Working across all media channels — with buyers on one end, and sellers on the other end — makes it essential to leave no stone unturned when it comes to taking on the offenders that threaten to derail the digital advertising industry. It is critical therefore to verify our commitment to delivering the highest standards of safety for all players by securing all four TAG certifications.

Read the full press release at the Trustworthy Accountability Group website here