New York – 2 February 2021: Real-time advertising technology and infrastructure company, IPONWEB, has been awarded TAG Platinum status by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), the world’s leading program to fight criminal activity and protect brand safety in digital advertising.

Attained by only 11 organisations in the world, TAG Platinum is the highest level of certification offered by the Trustworthy Accountability Group and means a company has achieved all four TAG certifications across the areas of fraud, malware, brand safety and piracy. Covering IPONWEB and its core businesses BidSwitch, The MediaGrid and BidCore, the four TAG certifications involved include: 

  • TAG Certified Against Fraud demonstrates that a company is taking effective steps to reduce fraudulent invalid traffic in the digital advertising supply chain.
  • TAG Certified Against Malware sets industry-leading standards to address the complex and growing issue of malvertising (i.e. digital ads that spread malware).
  • TAG Brand Safety Certified helps companies protect their brands from multiple threats, including the risk of being placed with inappropriate or illegal content.
  • TAG Certified Against Piracy helps companies avoid brand-damaging ad placement on media properties linked to pirated content and counterfeit goods.

Attaining all four TAG seals was essential for IPONWEB, as its products cover all points of the programmatic advertising supply chain. 

Matt Miga, VP of Commercial Operations at IPONWEB explains:  “We are one of the few companies to span the entire programmatic spectrum. Working across all media channels — with buyers on one end, and sellers on the other end — makes it essential to leave no stone unturned when it comes to taking on the offenders that threaten to derail the digital advertising industry. It is critical therefore to verify our commitment to delivering the highest standards of safety for all players by securing all four TAG certifications.”

IPONWEB’s rigorous route to TAG Platinum compliance included demonstrating that its products and policies met the individual standards of each of the four TAG certifications, as well as completing compliance officer training sessions for all four categories. In addition, IPONWEB worked with an audit partner to verify compliance, which included demonstrating how the platform works, how it detects fraud and malware, and the brand safety tools it has at its disposal, to ensure the applications submitted to TAG were legitimate and operational.

Mike Zaneis, CEO of TAG added, “We are delighted to recognize IPONWEB for achieving TAG Platinum status, which demonstrates its commitment to protecting its customers and the digital advertising supply chain from criminal activity and other threats. We look forward to working with IPONWEB to raise the bar for other industry participants around the world to reach the high TAG Platinum standard it has set.”