March 8th, 2023 is International Women’s Day, and to celebrate, we’ve invited some of our team to share their personal experiences of working as a woman in tech. 

Marfa Goryacheva, Product Director



“I’m happy to be a specialist in tech, not a woman in tech. I’m an equal participant in a brilliant team of very different people who respect and value each other. We are strong together. Each of us is bringing a unique color to the canvas. We’re learning from each other. We’re making each other better and changing ourselves every day. That’s a true joy and an exciting journey!”

Megan Sullivan-Jenks, Sr. Product Marketing Managermsj1  

“The challenges of working women aren’t exclusive to working in a male-dominated industry. My career started in a female-dominated industry (public relations), which had a lot of confrontation that provided a toxic example of how women interact in the workplace. Luckily as my career has progressed, I’ve been able to reshape my understanding of being a woman in the workplace and focus on how I can lift up others around me.”


Anastasia Shlenskaya, AdOps Team Leadas1  

“Most of my life, I lived in male-dominated fields: I studied math, physics, and computer science at high school and university. So a career in Tech is an obvious continuation of my life path. How do I feel here? Well, Tech is an exciting and challenging adventure! What do I love most about my job? People! A lot of extremely smart and brilliant people around me. And I feel that I’m valued here as an expert, as a person. I can be myself.”


Camila Martinez, DEI Program Managercm1  

“When I started working in Tech, I felt intimidated. After watching and learning from colleagues, particularly women, I realized I had to work on trusting myself. That meant speaking up and asking more questions, often feeling uncomfortable while still listening to my instincts. Building self-trust takes time and support. It has helped me grow and be open to new challenges.”


Daria Pankova, Special Projects Consultantdk1


“I enjoy being a ‘working woman in tech’ because I can play to my strengths of having a Ph.D. in Math & Physics and being an empathic person. I think that you can count on success in the Technology sector as soon as you find your way of bringing value to your team – getting great results and encouraging a collaborative atmosphere at work”

Eugenia Polyakova, Jr. Event Manager ep1


“For me, my career in Tech means to learn, ask questions, and not be afraid to seem curious. People around me have such brilliant skills and experience and my role is to support and learn from them. Without permanent growth, I can’t reach that goal. It is challenging and absolutely great to have this opportunity to grow together.”

Indira Tileuliyeva, Sr. Office Manager



“The people always mean a lot to me when it comes to working, and Tech is a synergy of a booming, creative, fulfilling industry and the amazing people who create it. At first, I felt insecure, but through time I realized that I can bring value in my own way and I gained confidence. I have learned a lot and am encouraged to do more while continuing to gain more knowledge and experience. There is certainly a space for non-technical people to thrive, and as long as you are inside of this ‘world’ you matter. My journey here is always diverse – filled with excitement, challenges, new acquaintances, old friends – and is always better.”


Lilit Ghazaryan, HR Administration Managerlg1  

“I started my career in the IT sector and after changing several sectors I was always looking for a role in IT, as I really enjoyed working in the sphere of dynamic changes and facing how IT is changing people’s life. As a woman with no tech background working in Tech, I was always trying to follow the updates in the IT sector in order to understand what is going around.”