Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in programmatic

IPONWEB has a long history in pioneering innovation in ad exchange, programmatic, and digital advertising technologies. Our unparalleled experience in bringing hundreds of innovative and exciting customer technology solutions to market has enabled us to continually test the frontiers of digital advertising evolution.


Founded in the UK

Company founded in the UK by husband and wife, Dr. Boris and Natalia Mouzykantskii, with a focus on Internet software development for the Intellectual Property (IP) & Legal sector.

2003 - 2009:

Right Media Development

Chosen as the key technology partner in the design, delivery & evolution of the first advertising exchange – Right Media (RMX).

Developed the IP & algorithmic decisioning infrastructure to operate at global scale.

After the Yahoo!. acquisition of RMX in 2007, IPONWEB transitioned the development and support functions to Yahoo! until 2009.

2008 - 2009:

Bespoke Software Development

Leveraged engineering capabilities to provide bespoke technology and algorithmic development services for a range of high-profile ad tech, internet, and eCommerce customers and applications.


u-Platform Development

Re-focused internal R&D on the productisation of a sophisticated technology environment (u-Platform) to support the rapid build and development of ad-exchange & RTB Media Trading systems.

Started development, support & operations of a number of high profile, early adopter RTB (DSP & SSP) display clients in both the US & Europe.

2010 - 2013:

RTB Growth & Client Scale

Sharpened focus on RTB-related platform development; quickly scaled the business to support more than 50 DSP and SSP platform clients across the USA, Europe and Asia.

Expanded platform development with first mobile platform clients and started offering custom Machine Learning services.

Established IPONWEB Japan Joint Venture (JV) with D.A.Consortium (DAC), a subsidiary of Hakuhodo DY.


Launched BidSwitch, a global u-Platform Evolution

Launch of BidSwitch – a global infrastructure platform to support RTB ecosystem connectivity & trading efficiency.

Continued growth and sophisticated versioning of the u-Platform technology & business.

Released our first fraud detection products as well as our first Data Management Platform (DMP) and video platform client projects.

Acquired Adternity in Germany to add workflow and data visualisation capabilities.


Expansion into TV

Secured a strategic Investment from D.A.Consortium, our Joint venture partner in Japan.

Opened our Berlin office and engineering centre.

Announced the first RTB-enabled Programmatic TV platform with DISH Media Sales in the United States.


Publisher Solutions & BidSwitch Scale

Opened Singapore and San Francisco offices.

Launched publisher co-operative platform with TrustX in the USA; Secured first enterprise advertisers and telco clients.

BidSwitch surpasses 300 connected platforms and trading partners.


Data Enrichment, DOOH & OpenML

Continued push into new categories with launch of Bid Enrichment platforms with key enterprise data clients as well as our first Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) supply platform.

Introduced OpenML (Machine Learning) services for brand advertisers and demand-side platforms.

Introduced holistic suite of Supply Path Optimisation tools to empower advertisers and DSPs to unlock greater value and transparency in media buying.

2018 - 2019:


Programmatic has rapidly become the dominant media trading method, with the side-effect of pushing apart advertisers and publishers. IPONWEB has developed an infrastructure platform, The MediaGrid, to bring buyers and sellers back together.

Acting as neutral pipes connecting inventory to agency curation tools and buying platforms, The MediaGrid allows for fully transparent and intelligent supply management, enrichment, and curation – unlocking unique value and greater performance for all parties.

Introduced Optimal Price Discovery, a bid-shading tool, to enable media buyers to pay a fair price for inventory in a first-price environment (declared and undeclared) as well as in unfair second-price auctions.

2021 - 2022:


In December 2021, Criteo announced its intention to acquire IPONWEB, with the deal closing in August 2022. As Criteo CEO, Megan Clarken, highlighted in the announcement: “Together with Iponweb, we expect to have significant scale and differentiated first-party data capabilities to meet the fast-growing demand for commerce and retail media solutions on the open internet.”

In 2022, IPONWEB also opened new engineering hubs in Limassol and Yerevan, and expanded its engineering center in Berlin.