About Us

We laid the foundations for programmatic advertising. Now we’re re-imagining its future.



Recently called the “best kept secret in digital media” by Digiday, IPONWEB is the behind-the-scenes engineering powerhouse that helped lay the groundwork for how digital advertising is bought and sold today.

For more than 20 years, we have worked with the world’s biggest brands, agencies, media owners, and platforms to build and evolve RTB and programmatic trading technology, standards, and capabilities across all media channels, including video, CTV, audio, in-app, and gaming. We are a global company, with offices in London, New York, Berlin, Yerevan, Singapore, Tokyo, and Cyprus. In August 2022, IPONWEB was acquired by Criteo SA (CTRO), a French multinational company and the global leader in Commerce Media.


Our mission is simple

‘To help media buyers and sellers achieve truly differentiated performance in programmatic.’

PONWEB was founded on principles of scientific achievement, problem solving, mathematical abstraction & engineering at scale. We have an intellectual obsession with technological excellence, algorithmic performance, ‘whole of internet’ scale processing, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in advertising.

As we integrate with Criteo, their mission to power the world’s marketers and media owners with trusted and impactful advertising will become ours. And we couldn’t be more excited about the journey. Learn more about Criteo’s culture and mission here.

Get to know our tech stack before you work on it

We’re a tech company at heart, so we know how important it is for engineers to work with technology that’s exciting to them. Here’s a sneak peek into our stack so you can judge for yourself.

High Performance HTTP Servers
Custom Business Logic
Data processing and ML modules
Flexible APIs
Logs transformation


IPONWEB has a long history in pioneering innovation

Our history parallels the development and evolution of the digital ad-ecosystem itself. From our early work as a technology partner on the first ad-exchange, RightMedia (acquired by Yahoo! In 2007); to the emergence of RTB and the custom development of hundreds of DSP and SSP solutions around the world; to more recently providing custom solutions to enterprise companies, publishers, TV and DOOH players.