Our Partners

D.A. Consortium, Inc.



Founded in Tokyo in 1996, Digital Advertising Consortium, Inc. (DAC) is the leading media representation and ad network business in Japan and focused on three main services: Media, Operations and Technology. The company represents media for more than 1,000 of Japan’s major websites, (including Yahoo! Japan, Google, MSN and Mixi.) while simultaneously working with 500 of Japan’s leading advertising agencies.

DAC’s AD-Visor NEXT online media planning system is the de-facto industry standard for media ad campaign planning in Japan, and its iPS-X ad-serving solution, the largest ad-server by volume in the Japanese market is used by more than 350 publishers.

In 2011, IPONWEB and DAC, under their Platform One subsidiary formed a joint venture – IPONWEB Japan focused on bringing IPONWEB’s technology and services to the Japanese market.

Platform One, Inc.


Founded in 2011, Platform One Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of DAC. Having developed and launched “MarketOne” and “YieldOne”, the first full-scale DSP (Demand Side Platform) and SSP (Supply Side Platform) platforms in Japan, Platform One is committed to leading the expansion and development of RTB (Real Time Bidding) in the Japanese display advertising market. IPONWEB is Platform One’s engineering and technology partner for their RTB platforms.