Our History

May 2001 – IPONWEB Established in the UK

Initial focus of the business is to provide software engineering development services

2004-07 – RightMedia Platform Development

Became key technology partner, IPONWEB developed, delivered and evolved the RMX platform with a focus on world class IP and capabilities for algorithmic decisioning at massive transaction scale. Platform reliably and cost effectively delivered 5 billion ad imps per day across 30 thousand creatives. In April, 2007 Yahoo acquired RightMedia, IPONWEB completed last iteration and transition of technical development and support functions to the Yahoo internal support and development teams in 2009.

2007 – Customer Expansion

Leveraging established capabilities, IPONWEB accelerated independent technology development to support a range of mainstream online clients and eCommerce models. Remains primarily an outsourced development services business.

2008 – u-Platform Development

Focus R&D on productization of sophisticated technology environment to build and operate multiple Ad-exchange & RTB Media Trading systems. Aim to provide a standardised but customisable technology stack focused on best of breed technology, cost effectiveness at scale and support for a range of unique, customer business models.

2009 – u-Platform Launch and RTB development

Start development, support & operations for a number of high profile, early adopter RTB (DSP & SSP) clients in the EU & US. Sophisticated versioning of the product suite, with new levels of scale, speed & capacity.

2010-11 – RTB Customer Growth, Scale & Sophistication

Focus entirely on RTB related platform development with rapid client expansion in USA, Europe and Asia. Expand business to mobile with first platform clients.

Establish IPONWEB Japan Joint Venture (JV) with DAC.

2012-13 – Product Evolution, BidSwitch & Market Development

Continued sophisticated versioning of u-Platform with first Fraud Detection releases; Data Management and Video platform clients. International office and staff growth, along with new & Eastern European client expansion.

Beta-launch of BidSwitch, a global infrastructure for RTB ecosystem connectivity & trading efficiency.

2014 – Enterprise Client Expansion

First Enterprise Advertiser and Media clients.

Acquisition of Adternity in Germany to add workflow & data visualisation capabilities. Launch of new engineering centre in Berlin.