About Us

If you’re not living and breathing online advertising, you probably haven’t heard of us. We are privately owned, totally independent and sit behind the scenes; those people sitting in a Laboratory somewhere crunching numbers, equations and code. Our passion is for solving the complex computational questions around probability, data processing and scale, all of which just happen to be prevalent in online advertising.

You will have seen our work though. We offer a world leading rapid development ecosystem for the build and operation of scalable, algorithmically complex media trading systems. Quite a mouthful, but we provide the technology, infrastructure and intelligence behind many of the worlds smartest companies in Internet Advertising.

Every day our technology and learning algorithms impact billions of online advertisements, predicting potential user behavior, interest and response, making complex decisions over which advertisements to display and then delivering them. It all happens in milliseconds. Our technology makes advertising more relevant for consumers, makes more money for advertisers or publishers & helps to subsidize free Internet content and the World Wide Web that we all love so much.

Mission & Culture

Founded in the UK, with development laboratories in Moscow & Berlin, IPONWEB is a truly global organization. With more than 330 employees, we have offices in the US, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Singapore, Cyprus and Japan and support clients in more than a dozen countries.

Our mission is ‘to build the best media trading technology platforms on the planet & provide them to visionary companies pursuing strategic business opportunities’.

What makes this possible though is our unique perspective to this task. Our Founder, CEO & Chief Scientist, Dr. Boris Mouzykantskii has a distinguished background as a published researcher and lecturer in Theoretical Physics. These principles of scientific achievement, problem solving, mathematical abstraction & research represent not only the roots of the company, but qualities that extend across all of our technologists and staff. It pervades our organization.

Good or bad – we have an intellectual obsession with technological excellence, algorithmic performance and ‘whole of internet’ scale processing. It is what we do! An outlook that defines the culture of our organization, as well as the quality and performance of our products!

Engineering Media Trading Evolution:

We are constantly amazed at the diversity of business models that our clients pursue, and at our technologies unique strengths in empowering them to do so. The online advertising ecosystem is a complex, competitive and dynamic domain. It moves at break neck speed. We work hard to design our technology, solutions and platforms to not just keep pace, but pioneer new paths and opportunities. We take a partnership approach to evolving these unique solutions for each and every customer and delight in supporting their increasingly rapid development iteration cycles. We deliver technology solutions that give our customers the flexibility, control and express innovation necessary to realize their constantly changing visions ahead of time, on budget, and at `worlds best` quality.

We take pride in the fact that many of our clients are the market leader in their particular niche of the advertising value chain. Our technologies give our customers the tools, edge and confidence to define, defend and maintain these leadership positions into the future.

We love the fact that numerous companies, that build their business systems using our u-Platform, accelerate from startup to market leader in incredibly short periods of time. We believe their success is a strong testimony to the enabling power of our technology and reflects the quality of our people, experience and approach as a partnership solution.