Why u-Platform

u-Platform offers a range of powerful advantages and propositions for companies looking to take control of their technology.


IPONWEB are pioneers in this space. Our solutions represent highly sophisticated and proven technologies more than 10 years in the making. We take the risk out of platform development.


All u-Platform solutions are independently defined, hosted and operated, so our clients are in complete control. You can uniquely determine how your decisioning algorithms perform; how data is used; who you integrate with; what features you want and at what speed they are delivered. Ensuring perfect alignment with your business goals.

Data Ownership

u-Platform allows you to operate under your own domain and keep your valuable data in-house. You define how it is captured, scored, used, traded or even integrated with your offline assets.


With world-class fraud detection, sophisticated analytics tool-sets and the ability to completely define system behaviour and targeting controls or features, u-Platform empowers clients with complete transparency over their trading ecosystem and activities.


u-Platform provides total flexibility in capacity and feature-set. Want to extend into video or mobile buying or provide ad-serving functionality to key publisher partners? u-Platform can support that.

Speed to market

u-Platform solutions can be customised for your business in a matter of months. Empowering you with rapid time to market and release cycles to be instantly competitive with a sophisticated solution.


Scalability is built-in from the outset. u-Platform has been designed and tested with ‘whole of internet’ scale in mind. So you don’t need to worry about hitting limits as you grow.