Programmatic and Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technologies are transforming how digital advertising is transacted across display, mobile, video and social media. As the technology provider behind more than 50 real-time platforms globally, IPONWEB is a world leader in this space.

IPONWEB packages up the very complex core technologies required to operate a real-time, algorithmically driven, media trading business into a rapid development environment called u-Platform.

u-Platform represents a core set of frameworks that are uniquely customised together with proprietary business logic, data, workflow and other 3rd party external integrations to deliver a purpose-built trading platform for each client designed specifically for their own business goals, model and needs.

Using a cloud-based,‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) model, the result is a totally customised platform solution for every client that is incredibly fast to evolve, uniquely empowers innovation and importantly ensures the kind of outstanding performance that only a purpose built technology stack can provide.

The Solution Environment

u-Platform is used to build, operate and evolve real-time trading platforms using a set of sophisticated core frameworks that allow for extensive customisation of campaign delivery, optimisation, ad-serving, real-time buying or selling, audience management and big data analytics.

These frameworks are then leveraged to abstract and customise the decisioning, targeting, optimisation, budgeting, audience and other proprietary data into a uniquely defined business logic layer for each and every client. This allows for totally unique configurations, features, roadmaps and applications of data, algorithm and decisioning logic to individually suit the business goals and performance requirements of every client and solution.

The u-Platform solution is then uniquely configured for each customer to integrate with their desired range of supply, demand or 3rd party ecosystem partners together with other internal workflow, reporting or offine CRM organizational requirements.