How We Work

A Customised Approach to Development

At IPONWEB our goal is to partner with our customers in the creation of unique customized platforms for Media Trading. We know that every business is unique, every product is different, so rather than fit your business onto our technology, we take a solution first approach. We know from experience that custom tailored approaches get superb results. We also know that you really can’t plan 1-2 years ahead in this space. Controlling your own platform gives you the flexibility to quickly adapt and respond to your environment and ensure your business is where it needs to be.

We see our technology as important building blocks, but like cement, bricks and mortar they are just used to shape a house to a particularly architects specification, your business model – no two houses are the same with us. Each platform solution is individually designed around our customers unique business and opportunity, their respective integration requirements, legacy systems, market conditions and vision for their business.

Our solutions are designed to be flexible and give our customers complete control over evolving technology in line with their business. Nothing stands still in online advertising; the house is never completely built. 12 months after launch, we continually see significantly more development, algorithm tuning and unique product iteration than was ever conceived at launch.

Based around a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) model, our solutions encompass the regular iteration and refinement essential to help you remain competitive. Our goal is to become a seamless partner that helps you achieve success.

To learn more about our custom approach, please contact us.

The Solution Process

For us, everything starts with establishing a clear vision of our customers’ business model. IPONWEB works through a series of consulting workshops, deep technology engagements and an agile-like development framework to map, architect and ensure the delivery of the right solution!

Each platform is then customized around the required feature set & developed leveraging our u-Platform rapid development environment. Our core frameworks provide the key building blocks which are then combined together with proprietary business logic which is developed uniquely for each client to define how the system performs, decisions and comes together.

Each project is then executed via our proven project delivery methodology.



The above process can be iterative, occurring in 1-3 month cycles for major new feature releases. The outcome enables for very fast iteration and rapid evolution of a client’s solution to match the equally fast changes in their business model.

Rapid Development & Iteration

At IPONWEB, we develop using an Agile-like framework, that allows for rapid development and iteration. Because things move quickly in this space, our customers’ technology needs to react just as quickly. Our platforms can be deployed in the space of several months and feature built-in scalability.

Our technology is designed with ‘whole of internet’ scale, hyperefficient data storage, processing and cloud based infrastructure. This means there is no need for major adjustments or re-thinking at the technology level, as business volumes grow.

By using a powerful, yet small codebase and business logic footprint, our solutions allow for easy refinement, fast logic evolution and deployment using highly efficient resource teams. For any individual client solution, we can release updates within days and major features within weeks.

Cloud Based Infrastructure

Operating a Media Trading Platform requires significant investments in system operations and infrastructure in order to ensure mission critical levels of uptime, availability and capacity.

At IPONWEB, we provide a fully managed SaaS solution and server environment to ensure your Ad-serving, data-processing, storage, reporting and algorithmic decisioning needs are all able to operate with the reliability and scale essential to a clients business.

Each customer operates in single tenancy mode for the key decisioning engine (u-Server) and runs in multi-tenanted environments for back end data processing (u-ETL), prediction modeling (u-Predict) and reporting (u-Slicer). We have considerable experience in scaling growth efficiently, to meet any platforms peak demands.