A powerful ‘Big Data in the Cloud’ solution, u-Slicer is custom designed to handle the kind of large datasets typically found in online advertising, without the overhead of large data warehousing.

Data stored in u-Slicer is not the original data, but a representation. When queried results approximate the original data with minor degrees of loss variance, but provide more than sufficient accuracy for the kind of use cases specifically needed by Engineering and Ad-ops teams. It’s a clever approach to solving both a difficult and expensive problem, storing and working with Big Data.

u-Slicer combines large dataset storage with the ability for fast, interactive querying via a RESTful API. Our API enables easy integration with a Customer’s own Business Intelligence infrastructure or alternatively utilizing IPONWEB’s packaged reporting interface.

Specifically designed for reporting, modeling and trending large data for traffic and advertising management purposes, u-Slicer offers powerful, but dedicated tasking, combined with deployment on a shared cloud infrastructure. This allows us to provide u-Slicer at a fraction of the cost normally associated with Big Data warehouse solutions that are traditionally focused on dedicated environments and more generic tool-set offerings.

Used for

  • Analyzing metrics by Time, Publisher, Ad Format, Advertiser / Campaign or Creative performance.
  • Analyze trends by time (Margin, Payout, eCPM, CTR).
  • Audience Analysis across any metric segment.
  • Investigation of performance behaviours.