In a real-time environment, every microsecond counts and speed of decisioning is critical. u-Server, IPONWEB’s proprietary HTTP ad-server, is specifically designed for massive scale, high availability and sophisticated media trading decisioning engines.

u-Server is fast, mature and battle hardened – handling billions of ad selection decisions requests every day. It is the tried and tested underlying technology used to custom ad-servers, SSP’s, DSP’s and other RTB bidding agents.

Importantly each client’s media trading solution is operated as a single tenancy for that client’s specific u-Server usage. It only runs the decisioning logic required for that client’s application and is not running features for any other client of users in the u-Server ecosystem.

This single tenancy approach ensures a number of key benefits:

  • The feature-set is specific to each and every client, delivering only what is needed
  • Software releases are fast, as each client is iterating their own feature-set independent of all other clients
  • Service availability is tailored for each client, meeting different needs of uptime availability or specific market requirements
  • Data pipes feeding data in and out of u-Servers are also specific to each client


  • Customizable Ad-server or RTB Bidders / hosts
  • Tuned for ‘whole of Internet scale’ & performance
  • Separated, scriptable business logic
  • Manages complex Ad decisioning and Algorithm Optimization
  • Fast logic evolution
  • Stand-alone instances


  • Manages Ad-request & Delivery
  • Serves tracking / data pixels
  • Manages Real-time Ad decision / Bid filtering process
  • Sends impression data to u-Predict
  • Receives predict input
  • Uses algorithm to make decision