User response probability modeling is an essential requirement for algorithmic decisioning and programmatic media buying.

Learning rapidly on little volume, u-Predict delivers amazingly accurate performance prediction from very low volumes of data. This dramatically removes the need for large test budgets and time allocations that is used in traditional machine learning and yield / optimization methodologies.

u-Predict also processes and learns from any number of user, publisher or advertiser data variables, to calculate accurate valuations and forecast performance. It has consistently proven to be significantly best in class in eCPM, CPC and CPA prediction across all types of media. It constantly updates and adjusts models to accommodate ever changing, time sensitive performance data.

u-Predict technology is the holy grail of the RTB space and replicating it requires years of specialist development. More significantly perhaps is that it requires testing on huge amounts of inventory for refinement. At IPONWEB we short-cut that incredibly complex learning process for our customers and are proud to say that u-Predict comfortably outperforms any other probability modeling or prediction technology currently used in the market.


  • Probability Modeling & Prediction.
  • Rapid machine learning.
  • Large scale data processing.
  • Processes & learns from all user, publisher/advertiser data variables.
  • Essential input for algorithmic optimization of business goals.
  • Features powerful analytics tool-set.
  • Fast, phenomenally accurate prediction – ‘Best in Class.’


  • Receives data from u-Server.
  • Builds millions of complex models, across all data points for all desired prediction scenarios.
  • Calculates trends / probability events for each impression, campaign, creative or advertiser.
  • Returns prediction scenarios based on data inputs .
  • Automated Feedback loop updates prediction models based on results.