For the many typical data transformations required in the online advertising arena, IPONWEB offers data aggregation as a managed service product called u-ETL.

u-ETL is a managed hadoop cluster used for raw data transformations of our Clients’ data streams from external systems and our Clients’ own u-Server instances. It is a framework and integration environment that ties all of our products together, essential for processing the TBs of data necessary for successful system operations.

By using u-ETL, our clients leverage the operational efficiencies and cost savings gained from shared, hosted cloud infrastructure and our experience in monitoring and direct issue management with the data feed suppliers.


  • Real-time collection, Processing & transformation of source data.
  • Integrates 1st party data from pixel serving, campaign data & offline (CRM).
  • Synching 3rd party partners to create a single user view.
  • Anomaly & Fraud Detection.
  • Monitors and alarms for critical events in data pipeline management.


  • Processes logs from ad-serving and decisioning.
  • Outputs u-Predict loop input.
  • Outputs budget loops for ad decisioning.
  • Outputs reporting loops for dashboard roll-ups.
  • Outputs Budgeting / Dashboard feeds.
  • Processes large data sets for u-Slicer & BI analysis.