IPONWEB has a vision for the programmatic and media trading ecosystem that is open, transparent and easy to access, enabling many different kinds of businesses to buy or sell media in real-time, all in their own unique way.

BidSwitch has been created by IPONWEB to help transparently solve many of the underlying technical challenges and inefficiencies that hamper platform interconnectivity and trading at the infrastructure level.

Like a network switch, BidSwitch maps and connects a complex range of parties, protocols and data signals via a central proxy layer to ensure complete interoperability across disparate trading partners and technologies.

Using intelligent routing and layering critical global-level services such as fraud detection, BidSwitch ensures significant trading efficiency for connected partners and thereby reduces engineering friction, maintenance and technology costs without limiting the scale of available bidding opportunities or monetization.

Today, BidSwitch facilitates more than 250 supply and demand technology partners globally to connect and trade media across the display, mobile, video, tv and native ecosystems- all via a single standardised integration.

You can visit the BidSwitch website to find out more here.